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Memaparkan catatan dengan label smecorp. Papar semua catatan

Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 is a distinctive interactive platform showcasing Halal products and services of Malaysian SMEs for the fast-growing regional and global Halal markets.

JOIN US! Grab the opportunity to:
• Promote products and services
• Enhance brand exposure
• Gain invaluable market insights, knowledge and technology know-how
• Establish business networks
• Garner industry exposure
• Seize investment opportunities
• Increase visibility and profitability
• Be part of the global Halal market supply chain

Mark the DATE!
Be an exhibitor to gain all these benefits.
Exhibitors must be Halal-certified and export ready.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!

For more information and registration, please click on the Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 Brochure below.

Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 Brochure [PDF]

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